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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Images ... around town

The QE2 was in town today.

I wouldn't have known if I didn't read sfist.com

His nibs said, ya, he knew. He just didn't know when she was going to arrive.

We heard the departure klaxon loud blast (who knew that Klaxon was an existing trademark?) blare at 9p and thought the QE2 was heading out of town.

Being in the midst of eating dinner, we paid it no nevermind.

The klaxon loud blast blared again at 10p and his nibs headed up to the deck to see what he could see.

He called me upstairs and I tried to take pictures. Note the long bow on this ship. Talk about retro!

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What you don't see is the phalanx (well, not really. We're talking four boats max.) of coast guard boats blocking anyone from coming through while the QE2 backs out from her berth. I imagine there was a similar phalanx on the other side of the ship.

I just couldn't get a good, un-jiggled picture. My Coolpix 5600 is a way good camera, but it's not set up for certain things. For this picture I used the "museum" special setting. The "night" setting just didn't cut it.

Also seen about town, a night or three ago, a very sharp car (Tennessee Highway Patrol in that STAR on the door) down at the bottom of the Montgomery Steps at Green.

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