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Friday, January 26, 2007

[PODCAST] Correct Me If I'm Wrong

The Chron has added a new podcast this week: Correct Me If I'm Wrong

Almost every day, The Chronicle hears from readers (and some non-readers). Most of these comments -- voicemail, email and letters -- don't make it into our letters column. But they can be unusually passionate, irate, confounding and creative.

We listen to them and read them, and we think some of the more interesting and unusual ones are worth sharing. So, today, we're starting a new feature to showcase these communications. It's called, "Correct Me If I'm Wrong."

First up: Pilotless Drone


I think that guy needs to get himself thither, over to misc.writing, where he can unleash some of his pissed-offed-ness on people other than the sorry person whose job it is to listen to these sorts of voice messages.

Check out the other podcasts at the Chron site.

[gleaned from Romenesko]

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