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Saturday, January 06, 2007


Epiphany. Tomorrow, the tree comes down.

Today, we slept in, shipped a huge box to Boston, visited me mum and went to a party at the Duke of Edinburgh (a pub where my stepdaughter once tended bar) to hang out with people we worked with twenty years ago when we worked at a company that no longer exists. The crowd was bigger than last year's, but there were still plenty of no-shows. I saw people I was pleased no end to see, whom I hadn't seen in far too long, and I saw people whom I'd seen New Year's Eve. (I was pleased to see them too.)

A good time was had by all who attended. The Founding Father showed up to schmooze with former employees and to order a round of drinks for everyone. I ate greasy calamari and onion rings and drank Murphy's stout, and wished I'd just stuck to the Murphy's.

Now, I tuck in. Tomorrow, the tree.

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