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Sunday, January 07, 2007

[OBIT] Momofuku Ando

Chron obit today for Momofuku Ando


Ando, age 96, who died of a heartattack Friday, invented Ramen, the first instant noodle.

I have some Ramen in the bin in the kitchen for those days when I have time for nothing else or can't think of anything else or am feeling too drear and nothing sounds good, which sometimes amounts to the same thing and sometimes doesn't.

RIP Momofuku Ando. What a brill idea you had, and carried through. American college students thank you.

Ando gave a speech at the company's New Year ceremony and enjoyed Chicken Ramen for lunch with Nissin employees on Thursday before falling ill, Japan's largest daily Yomiuri reported. [from the SFChron obit]

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