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Friday, January 13, 2006

[BLOG] moleskinerie: Legends and other stories

moleskinerie is a blog for fans of Moleskines.

I've always wanted a Moleskine notebook. Archival quality paper. Smooth Moleskine cover. Elasticized band to keep it shut. So pricey, though, and how can I justify one when I have stacks of unused composition books in narrow rule, quadrille and blank? What style would I choose, if I were to choose one?

Should I walk over to the Blick Art store on Van Ness and browse the aisles ... and doublecheck one more time whether they're just really too pricey right now for me to justify the expense when I already have all these blank books?

I'm almost absolutely positive I'd get there and drool over the notebooks and then decide, nope, too pricey. Should I just get on with writing and promise myself a Moleskine as a reward ... some day?

The two mile walk over there would be good for me ...

Update: I walked over. Checked out the Moleskine notebooks. Bought some.

Hah! But I had a plan. I took our youngest with me. The Moleskine notebooks I bought were for him for an early bday present. I fed my yearning for Moleskine by giving some away. (No. I couldn't justify the cost of the notebooks, knowing how many blank composition books I have stashed away.)

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