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Sunday, January 08, 2006

DNA Direct or Dragon ladies rock!

The Chronicle Magazine has an article today on Ryan Phelan's newest venture -- DNA Direct. We often walk by the DNA Direct offices and the name had puzzled us.

DNA Direct: your genes in context.

Huh? Just what did they do? We'd tracked down the Web site a while back. Reading the article today, made us stop by the site to check it out again.

DNA Direct is, as the Chronicle Magazine puts it, Phelan's controversial new venture ... part of her quest to make life questions -- whether about our DNA or the species' existence -- easier for the rest of us.

DNA Direct provides DNA testing -- genetic testing -- for individuals interested in weirdnesses or abnormalities in their DNA.

Is this a good idea? There's some question. ...

Phelan is a dragon lady, of the best sort ... year of the water dragon.

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