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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

[WRITING] Character charts

Mind you I have never once filled out a character chart, but I keep thinking maybe I should.

Over at her storytelling blog, Rosina Lippi describes a main character.

To do so, she uses the following profile.

Favorite foods:
Won't eat:
Favorite things to drink:
Favorite Music:
Likes to wear:
What her living space is like:
Methods of transport:
Magazine subscriptions:
Favorite Book:
Favorite TV Show:
Favorite Movie of the last few years:
Movie star crush:
Creative outlet:
Favorite Muppet:
Favorite ice cream:
Favorite desert:
The thing she'd never do:
The thing she's always wanted to do:
Childhood toy that's still in her room:

Sound interesting? Follow the comments thread to see what other questions readers want to ask about the characters.

Only comment, "Favorite Muppet"?

I don't have and never had a favorite Muppet. Sesame Street is way past my time and we didn't have television when the now-twentysomethings were young. I =know= most of the Muppets but was never involved enough to have a favorite.

Now, if you'd been asking my favorite Mouseketeer c. 1958: Cubby O'Brien.

Other character charts to peruse and use:
If you decide to use character charts, choose one of these, or make your own using elements from these.

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