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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

[WRITING] Public Speaking

Writing and Public Speaking. Must the twain meet? I'm reminded of a library fundraising event I went to onceuponatime with Tony Hillerman as the guest speaker. Seems the event organizers had asked Robert Campbell if he'd be the event's draw and he'd said (paraphrased), "I'm a writer. I enjoy writing. If I enjoyed public speaking, I probably would be in a different job."

Campbell was, however, friends with Hillerman, who is nobody's shy violet, and talked him into coming out to Monterey, CA, to speak in his stead.

Karin Gillespie over at Southern Comfort blogs about public speaking and encourages writers who are loathe to speak before groups to get with the program, or on the program or in the program and promote their books.

Here's a collection of links from public-speaking.org that she includes in the blog post.


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