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Friday, June 08, 2007


[Caution reading Goodman's column and blog. There may be spoilers lurking therein.]

Tim Goodman (SFC) says ARRIVEDERCI to the Sopranos.

(Speculation/discussion/news of the Sopranos finale was above the fold on page one of today's paper!)

I've never seen an entire Sopranos show, just a few bits, and I mean a few. One bit, maybe. We're too parsimonious, you see, to subscribe to HBO. We have plain vanilla cable (about $3/mo when added on to our broadband costs) and that only because I figured we might want to watch some breaking news some time. Oh, and watch the Today Show broadcast from Bhutan. (Thank you, Auntie K, for that heads-up!)

My lack of viewing experience and serious lack in the fandom department does not, however, stop me from joining in the frantic speculation about the most hyped show finale since Dallas went off the air.

I have my own theory how it will all end next Sunday.

As a nod to our European contingent, who are a ways behind in the episodes, I've put my theory here.

Read Tim's blog entry / synopsis of Ep. 20: "A glorified crew." Search for "towse" to retrieve my comment from the 298 (so far) comments re the end of the Sopranos ... if you care and don't mind my uninformed speculations.

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