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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards supports same-sex marriage

"I don't know why somebody else's marriage has anything to do with me. I'm completely comfortable with gay marriage."

Well, yay! Hooray!

We were at breakfast in the communal dining room yesterday when a friend stopped by. "Congratulations for making history," she said to the older younger one and his partner.

History? Maybe. So far as we know, Friday night was a first at Camp.

Friday night at the hugely popular Camp week-roundup slide show, the sequence of "couples photos" taken against the backdrop of Lower Falls included photos of the two.

The photos were met with applause and some cheers. (One of those cheers and some wild applause were mine.)

The pair was congratulated afterwards, although I'm sure some folks had their knickers twisted. Too bad. The guys were disappointed three years ago -- the last time the older younger one and his partner had come to Camp with us and a few short months after their marriage was declared void -- when, for the first time ever, the Camp photographers chose not to show any couples photos at all in the slide show.

The times they are a-changing.

(What? That nice young man who's been coming to Camp since he was three is gay? And that "friend" of his whom he brought is his "partner"? Mabel, get the smelling salts! Haven't they heard of don't ask, don't tell?)

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