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Monday, June 25, 2007

S.F. condo rules snarl FBI agent's plans

S.F. condo rules snarl FBI agent's plans
by Adam Martin, The Examiner

The buyer is suing everyone involved, it seems. Who do you think is at fault here?
  • The brother of the deceased owner, who sold the place at market price when it was a restricted Below Market unit? [maybe he didn't know]

  • The buyer (an attorney) for not checking the title report that showed the restriction? [maybe she lets her "people" deal with the details when it's not a court case]

  • The real estate folks on both the seller and buyer side who didn't check into whether the unit was a Below Market unit? [anything to do with the commission being based on sale price?]

  • The appraiser who didn't check whether there were Below Market restrictions and appraised it at market price?

  • The butcher?

  • The baker?

  • The candlestick maker?
The comments tail is a doozie.

[via Curbed SF]

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