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Friday, June 15, 2007

MyWire Top Stories

MyWire Top Stories

I mentioned I think -- or maybe it was in a different space -- that I moved all my bookmarks into del.icio.us last week and I'm working my way through, updating, changing, deleting, deciding whether a given bookmark should be "public" or not ...

I click on old bookmarks. Sometimes they are dead as a doornail. Sometimes they shift you over to a new URL. Sometimes ...

Came across this one just now that had really morphed.

A while ago I was trying to decide whether to give up some magazine subscriptions and (truth tell) piles of old magazines -- archives of periodicals that I might look at once every three years and, instead, sign on AND PAY $4.95/mo to KeepMedia, which offered 150+ titles online.

We sympathize with the postal carrier who, not just for us but also for others, walks down 40+ stairs from the nearest street to reach the cross path that connects with our walking path. He walks down the path to our stoop and up 18+ steps to our door to deliver our mail and magazines. And back down again and up and down again and up ... as he walks down our walking path, delivering mail.

He walks another almost 100 steps down the steps to the next walking path to deliver another batch of mail.

Maybe, I thought, we could lighten his load.

I thought about it, do I want to give up my physical magazines, um. I thought about it, set it aside, thought about it. ...

Turns out good thing I didn't tie my wagon to that horse.

KeepMedia is now MyWire.com and a fine app MyWire.com may be, but it's not what KeepMedia promised.

Word to the wise. Those packrats amongst us worry about stuff like this ... give up your physical archives? Trust the Web? Trust the vendor not to change his business model?


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