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Friday, June 29, 2007

StumbleUpon - SalT's Web site reviews

StumbleUpon - SalT's StumbleUpon Web site reviews

Since I started with StumbleUpon umpty ump (March 17, 2004) years ago, I've rated 1777 sites and, must admit, sometimes spend months without checking in. These days I not only put links on my blog but also put links on Tumblr and links on del.icio.us and, sometimes, on StumbleUpon.

I'm not dutiful about my StumbleUpon duties.

Obviously. ...

Just came across starspirit, who has rated 124,289 sites.

Zounds. Even gmc has only rated 17962 but then he's been busy building SU into something eBay wanted to buy.

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