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Friday, November 10, 2006

"2008 is about you"

Before people who voted blue get too worked up about the amazing results of Tuesday's election and start talking about mandates and the turning of the tide, I'd like to paraphrase something Jerry McNerney's campaign manager, A.J. Carillo, told him.

Jerry McNerney, to those who don't know of him, had an upset victory over seven-term GOP Representative Richard Pombo, chair of the House Resources Committee.

"I told Jerry all along that this election wasn't about you," said his campaign manager, A.J. Carrillo. "It's about Richard Pombo. I told him that 2008 is about you."

This election wasn't so much about the Democrats and what a fine plan for the country they have. This election was about Bush and the Republicans. 2008 will be about the Democrats.

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