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Sunday, November 05, 2006

[WR] [PAY MKT] Common Ties

"Common Ties accepts personal stories from people all over the world. Before submitting to CommonTies@gmail.com we encourage you to read our writers guidelines.


2. Story type.
Common Ties publishes personal stories, whether told in the 1st person about yourself or in the 3rd about others. For examples please visit the “Lives” column in the New York Times Magazine or listen to the sound clips on storycorps.net or from This American Life. Personal stories can involve breaking news if you were a part of that story – for instance, stories from 9/11. When writing about others please state explicitly in your submission to us that you have obtained permission from those in the story to publish, and if you cannot please do not use their real names.

3. Pay.
Common Ties pays for the stories it publishes. Our payment guideline is $200 per story, but this is only a guideline. You may suggest a higher or lower amount depending on what you think is an acceptable level given the quality of the story and your past publishing experience. We expect that $200 will be the typical payment, with some lower and, in extraordinary circumstances, others as high as $1,000.


5. Rights.
Writers retain the rights to the stories they publish on Common Ties, allowing them to re-publish these stories elsewhere in the future.

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