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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Interesting read

A friend ... well, maybe an acquaintance -- we don't hang out like we did at one time -- shares an agent with Dan Simmons. From a link on my buddy's site I got a heads up of this short note last April.

The short note is Simmons' Message From Dan which, in April, was a Dan Simmons SF story, a very compelling SF story.

He followed up on the April work in his May/June Message from Dan.

The discussion is very rich.

Dan Simmons' Web site is very rich.

Check out Bill Quick's Web site when you really, really need to know what "the three words" mentioned at the end of Simmons' April Message are. One of Quick's commenters has what I believe is the answer.

Check out the rest of Simmons' site as well.

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