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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


There have been impassioned pleas today as there are every election day, urging people to vote, just vote. GET OUT THERE AND VOTE!

(Well, those of you who are registered to vote, of course. ... and remember, you are only supposed to vote ONCE!)

Those pleas grate on my nerves.

Get out and vote if you've taken the time to understand the issues, if you've taken the time to delve into the backgrounds and position statements of the candidates, if you've taken the time to gen up on both sides of the question, if you've taken the time to understand the ramifications of your choices.

Secondary election pet peeve: Why is it such news that every single dad blum seat in the House of Representatives is being voted on today?

... people, that's the way it works! Happens every two years! Without fail!

A big thank you to the poll workers, the poll watchers, the Registrar, the folks who pull the ballot (and the ballot literature) together and print, the postal carriers who deliver the goods, the folks who count the results and those voters who despite whatever reasons why they don't need to vote care enough to get to the polls (or send in their absentee ballots) after thoughtfully considering their choices.

  • JeffK writes of freedom on Election Day.

  • Miss Snark thinks voting is the coolest thing in the world and is grateful to those who made it possible.

... and now we wait ...

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