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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

No warranties expressed or implied

Today's cheapest single family home in San Francisco ... by far ... so far as I (and Curbed SF) can tell.

Sunny Bayview Heights Fixer Bungalow - $299,000

Click on picture for specifics of sales offer.

1 BR 1 BA, built in 1925. 533 sq ft. Attached garage. (Remember potential buyers: parking is worth a bundle in San Francisco.)

There are some visible copper pipes and some galvanized. 40 amp electrical service.

Lot is 2718 sq ft or ~ 1/20th of an acre.

Property to be sold in "As-Is" condition. No warranties expressed or implied.

You might want to drive by first. Tour the neighborhood. Check out the crime stats.

Write up doesn't mention that there was a police "death report" [PDF file] for the address in March 2005.

California law states that that death will need to be disclosed (any deaths on a property within four three years of sale ... I think San Francisco hasn't extended that window) before the house is sold, but just soze you know up front.

Added: Property is a probate sale, which probably explains the "death report." Check if it concerns you.

... and there's this from 2004:

On October 30, at 5:34 p.m., Bayview officers made a traffic stop on a
vehicle at Oakdale and Ingalls, and as the officer approached the driver he
recognized him as having an active arrest warrant and the driver gunned the
car and took off at a high rate of speed. The vehicle could be seen
driving through numerous stop signs as it fled from the officers, and it
was lost in the area. Moments later, different officers located the
vehicle parked at Jamestown and Gilroy, and then saw the suspect running
from the area. The officers attempted to arrest the suspect, but he took a
fighting stance and resisted their efforts. The suspect was eventually
arrested and told the officers he had been running because he thought that
he was wanted for having just "hit (his) old lady." The suspect was booked
for his outstanding warrant and new charges of flight from an officer,
reckless driving, probation violation, and resisting arrest. The suspect,
living on the 200 block of Harbor Road, is a well known Bayview drug
dealer, and had over $1,100.00 in currency on his person. The currency was
booked for a follow-up investigation by our Narcotics Detail (041 242 463).

Jamestown and Gilroy is like right there.

Want to know what goes on in the Bayview police division? Go here and read the site. Be sure to check out the community newsletters. (They're a bit behind with getting them up on the Web.)

$300K for a single family dwelling in this city is amazing.

This is a city where the median price for an existing single family home was $840K in October 2006. Average price was $1,160,860.


Median/average in District 10, where the house on Gilroy is located, were $707,500 and $689,849, respectively as of October 2006.

[nod of thanks for the heads up to Curbed SF for this blog entry]

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