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Monday, April 03, 2006

Are you prepared? A public service announcement ...

After Katrina, San Francisco began to really gear up for a possible catastrophe.

The most likely one, of course, is a mammoth quake, most probably on the [Susan] Hayward fault over in the East Bay, but there could be other catastrophes, heaven knows.

Hence, the 72 Hours Are you prepared? Web site.

The Web site provides information on what preparations to make at home for the possibility that something will happen and the government can't "make it better" for at minimum 72 hours later.

Do you have medical supplies? First aid supplies? Necessary drugs? Food? Water? Sanitizing handcleaner? Flashlights? Heat? Radio? Batteries? All that other sort of stuff you might need? What if the toilets don't work? Do you have walking shoes stashed in your car in case you have to walk home because the roads are impassable? Do you have something warm stashed in your car to wear if you have to leave your car and walk out?

Even those of you'ns who don't live in quake-prone California could take a gander. Useful information.

This has been a public service announcement ...

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