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Monday, April 24, 2006

My brain hurts

We're trying to settle on a date for the memorial service and have been sorting through who's where, when.

The first date we picked that worked for the three living sibs turned out to be a weekend that the Civil Air Patrol was having a weekend exercise and none of Dad's CAP buddies would've been able to make it. Couldn't have that.

His nibs and I are out of town for three trips (two short, one not-so) during the next seven weeks. The younger nib wants to be at the memorial, but only has one weekend he'll be in the state while we are between now and October and that weekend is, yes, you guessed it, the weekend that the Civil Air Patrol is having its weekend exercise.

Once the date is settled, we will look for a venue that works with the date.

Indoors or outdoors? Down at the airport? Mom had a preference for outdoors.

"How about Vasona?" one sib said. "That's a pretty place and you can reserve a space with tables and shelter, in case the weather turns on you."

"Yes, that's a pretty place," all the sibs agreed.

We checked availability at Vasona for the tentative date to see whether that would work if that date is the date.

Turns out there is no reservable space available at Vasona until July ...

"But if we include Sundays as well as Saturdays ..."
"Mom doesn't want a Sunday."


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