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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

[FOOD] Giordano Bros. All-In-One Sandwiches (North Beach)

Giordano Bros.
303 Columbus (at Broadway)
SF (North Beach)
(415) 397-2707

"This is why," his nibs said, "we live here and not Pittsburgh."

The Giordano Bros. specialty is a Pittsburgh-style all-in-one sandwich: sliced french bread layered with meat (sausage, cheesesteak, turkey, pastrami, hot coppa, &c ...), provolone, fries and an olive oil and vinegar (not mayo) coleslaw. Interesting concept. An all-in-one meal.

The results were ... a sandwich that was relatively cheap and filling but not delicious, not memory making. Nothing to drool or die over. The sandwich did nothing for this girl, who grew up in East San Jose, but the bar/sandwich shop has a great fan base, so they won't miss me.

If you're from Pittsburgh, it might taste like home. Homesick Steelers fans should note that there are plenty of screens for sports watching.

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