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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

[WRITING] Taddle Creek Magazine Submission Guidelines

The Taddle Creek Magazine Submission Guidelines

If you don't live in Toronto, they don't want your writings, but you might like to check out their guidelines, nonetheless.

7. Taddle Creek accepts stuff it likes. Yes, it’s just that simple. The magazine prefers submissions that are humorous or show a sense of humour about their subject. The magazine does not restrict itself to this type of submission however, and often accepts “serious” submissions, provided they are entertaining. However, please note:

7-1. If you have/have had problems with your parents (what the magazine calls “daddy issues”) and feel the need to express them in the form of prose or poetry in a way that is weepy or heavy-handed, there are many magazines that will accept your work. Taddle Creek is not one of them. If you can express your problems in a funny or entertaining way however, do send your work along.

7-2. The magazine is fully aware of the absurdity of organized religion. If you have religion issues and can present them in a way you feel the magazine’s readers would enjoy, by all means do so. Earnest religious works will not be accepted.

7-3. The magazine does not care to read any more stories written from the point of view of unborn foetuses.

7-4. Three words: no shaped poetry.

7-5. Most importantly: Under no circumstances leave two spaces after terminal periods. There is absolutely no reason to do this, despite the fact it is still, bizarrely, taught in school. Any work submitted with two spaces after the period will be sent back to have the extra spaces removed before it is even read. Authors may then sit at the grown-up table.

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