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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Unlike some people I've heard tell of, my neighbors don't complain about the sound of chimes, bless them.

(I've heard tales of some folks who moved into a condo off Telegraph Hill Blvd and hung chimes only to have their neighbors ask -- nay, tell -- them to take the chimes down. Noise, doncha know.)

I love the sound of chimes and have seven or eight sets hanging from the spiral fire escape. Over the weekend, I repaired and rehung two sets that had been damaged in an earlier storm.

But now, the wind is kicking up and the chimes are raising a ruckus. I needs must go out on the fire escape and lay the chimes flat on the stairs so they won't blow away or break in the wind.     Done!

Word on KCBS this morning was that the north bay is due for 4" of rain today with this storm that's coming ashore. I'm watching the radar and, by golly, here she comes ...

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