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Monday, April 10, 2006

Paxton Gate, Rogue Taxidermy. PETA members please skip this post.

I wrote about Paxton Gate a while back, but my short bit didn't quite capture some of the weirdness that ripples into view when you come across a place like Paxton Gate. The article on Christopher Moore reminded me of those ripples of weirdness, when I trundled off to find a link to Monique Motil's work.

The first link I found, which gave me the link to Motil above, was to the Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists.

Monique Motil is a working member of the group. Hm. Interesting stuff.

Who besides Motil is a member of the group? Well, the first person I clicked through was Jeanie M. Whoa!

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Jeanie M lives here in town and is the person who created the mouse angels that intrigued me at Paxton Gate.

Strange taxidermy? How about this Jeanie M. model of Saint Sebastian? Jeanie M. also has pics of Bride And Groom mice pairings she's created for wedding cakes. Check out her gallery.

Um. Yes.

Click through the other Rogue Taxidermy members and the interesting links at your own risk.

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