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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

"Bloggers have no privacy and should expect none"

Blogger Blocked at U.S. Border

By Lisa Vaas
November 29, 2005

"Bloggers have no privacy and should expect none—a lesson painfully learned by a Canadian citizen who was recently turned away after U.S. border guards Googled him and pored over his blog to discover where he lives."


"'One of them, a very sharp guy in fact, started to read every single post on my blog. And it didn't take long until he shocked me: 'So you live in New York, right? That's what you've written in your [blog].'"

"Derakhshan did, in fact, write that he was based out of New York—mostly because it sounded "sexier" than saying he was based out of Toronto, he said.

"But between his offhand blog comment and the fact that he was carrying a Newsweek magazine sent to him at a New York address, the guards found grounds to refuse his entry into the United States, for at least the next six months."


Oh, well! Be careful what fibs you tell on a blog. They may come back to bite you in the butt.

What I found intriguing is that the border guards Google'd him and read his blog. Who knew our guys were so computer literate?

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