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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Save us the time and reject yourself

Daniel Lazar got a nice mention over at galleycat today.

galleycat said It's easy to see why [he got promoted], as well as why he's continually one of the most clicked-on agents over at Publishers Marketplace. I, of course, immediately scurried over Publishers Marketplace to read said listing.

After all the who-I-am and what-I've-represented, Lazar writes:

I am actively seeking new clients.
** Queries by regular mail or e-mail are fine. Include 3 - 5 sample pages (the first pages, not pages 45-50).
** If you're emailing: a) NO ATTACHMENTS; b) if you copy me and every other agent in the industry, save us the time and reject yourself.
** For regular mail, please include a SASE.
** Also, no need to send your materials double sealed in bubble wrap. It's paper, not anthrax.
** My response time is 1 minute to several weeks.
I look forward to hearing from you.

I like this guy's attitude.

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