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Friday, November 11, 2005

USS Abraham Lincoln in town. um. in Bay.

Looking up from the paper, I couldn't miss seeing it. With a Coast Guard ship escort and a gaggle of gawkers watching, the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) cruised past the Hill with all hands on deck, at attention. The USS Abraham Lincoln is a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, the one that served as the "Mission Accomplished" backdrop. Impressive sight.

Why are they in town? How long will they be here? No mention in the paper or on the Web that I could find, but then in this town, TPTB might not want to give the placard carrying protesters any advance warning.

If my dear ol' Concord Eye-Q 4060 4.0 Mp digital camera hadn't died a sorry death a week or so ago, I'd've had a nice click of the Abe. As it is, the replacement camera I ordered over the Web yesterday won't arrive until some time today.

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