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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Manresa and Kinch in Northside Magazine

Earlier this month a friend and I were talking -- well, e-mailing -- about the cover article in Northside magazine on Manresa and David Kinch. At the time, I'd only made a brief mention of it on the blog because I couldn't find any Web site for the magazine.

A wee bit ago today, someone made a comment on the blog entry from earlier this month to give me a heads up that the Kinch review was up at the Northside site.

Rise and Shine: Innovative chef David Kinch of Manresa is one of the culinary world’s brightest stars

The friend had asked back when, "Tell me what you thought of the story." I told him,

I liked the story. I was surprised by the length allotted for it. No little short in and out there. The piece was long enough to give some juice, the vibe. Very unpuffy and thorough, I thought. Not fawning.

The segment with David arranging food shots for the photographer was well done. I liked the bit about Esteban's horse eating the swopped out apples.

We buy tomatoes from Dirty Girl at the Ferry Building some Saturdays and we've had dinner in the restaurant, so there were many points of recognition. The writeup felt very solid.

The description of dinner made me famished.

I haven't eaten yet. his nibs is off to the opera, having bought a $10 standing room ticket this afternoon while we were downtown. (He has a far greater passion for opera than I do and the acoustics in the standing room area are terrific.)

He had a bowl of leftover ginger squash soup and some sourdough bread before he took off. I'm still mulling over what I want.

Whatever I wind up with will =not= be dinner at Manresa, alas.

About the only silver lining I can see for the two aborted escrows on the mid-century home in the bucolic village nestled in the verdant foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains is that when we decide to eat at Manresa, we need only bring a couple sleeping bags and sleepover in the guest house instead of driving fifty-plus miles home.

Maybe we should make reservations while we still have a place to lay our weary heads within a short distance of Manresa?

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