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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Parrots have flown the coop, the headline said

"Parrots have flown the coop," the headline in today's Chron said. "After cypress felled, colorful birds are roosting on wires," it continued.

Cecilia M. Vega, Chronicle Staff Writer, wrote,

If a sequel is made about the famous wild parrots of San Francisco's Telegraph Hill, there's a chance it may not have a happy ending.

Since one of their favorite trees was chopped down Monday, and two others may also share the same destiny, the roosting patterns of those feathered stars of a best-selling book and acclaimed documentary have been disrupted, and life just hasn't been the same.


All of which is a bunch of horse hooey, of course.

When the huge cypress came down last fall, the parrots stayed away for a while and then resumed flocking to the remaining cypresses when they weren't flocking to other trees on the Hill.

This time? I wasn't home during the day yesterday to check out where they were hanging (they go home somewhere -- the Presidio, I think -- to tuck in every afternoon), but parrots roosting on wires is not news. They roost on wires every day. Today? Well, I just heard them squawking outside and went to see where these poor psychologically-damaged birds were gathering, and spotted them ...

... in the remaining cypresses!

They're fine and not permanently psychologically damaged by it all after all.

Who could've guessed?!??

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