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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Bouncy balls in July and ski jumps in September ... is this a great little town or what?

Balls, bouncy balls, a quarter million bouncy balls, were bouncing down Filbert Street and Kearny and Sanchez and elsewhere in the city in late July this year. Why were the balls bouncing?

Watch the Sony BRAVIA commercial. "Color like no other. ..."

The BRAVIA site offers background and pictures and the advert itself. High or low speed connect. Brief or extended version. The music is Heartbeats by José Gonzales.

Caution: The extended version takes forever to load, even at cable modem speed. Bandwidth problems at Sony's end? I imagine so.

sepiatone, who worked on the filming, has a nice set of photos up on flickr.

Bouncing balls in July and the Icer Air Ski and Snowboard Jump schlussing down Fillmore in September. The Blue Angels roaring overhead in October during Fleet Week. The KPFA-sponsored Margo St. James Hookers Ball at Pier 23 over the Halloween weekend to benefit the St. James Infirmary and Sex Workers Outreach Project - USA.

Is this a great little town or what?

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